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Places in Afghanistan with SU

Search and find places in Afghanistan with first letters SU.

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Alphabetical index of places in Afghanistan with SU

There are 477 places in Afghanistan beginning with 'SU' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Subah   to   Suji-ye Shamali
Places in Afghanistan with SU
Subah Sūbah1.Daykundi Daykundi-
Subah Sūbah2.Ghazni Ghaznī-
Subh Khel Kelay Şubḩ Khēl Kêlay3.Kabul Kabul-
Such Sūch4.Badakhshan Badakhshan-
Suchu Sūchū5.Badakhshan Badakhshan-
Sudo Sudō6.Parvan Parvān-
Suduj Sūdūj7.Badakhshan Badakhshan-
Suduj Sūdūj8.Badakhshan Badakhshan-
Suduj Darah Sūdūj Darah9.Badakhshan Badakhshan-
Sudzhani Sudzhani10.Kunduz Kunduz-
Sudzhani Sudzhani11.Kunduz Kunduz-
Sudzhi Sudzhi12.Farah Farah-
Suf Kelay Şūf Kêlay13.Paktika Paktīkā-
Sufak Şūfak14.Ghowr Ghowr-
Sufak Şūfak15.Ghowr Ghowr-
Sufi Daro Şūfī Dārō16.Nimruz Nīmrūz-
Sufi Ghulam Şūfī Ghulām17.Takhar Takhār-
Sufi Kelay Şūfī Kêlay18.Wilayat-e Baghlan Wilāyat-e Baghlān-
Sufi Khel Şūfī Khēl19.Parvan Parvān-
Sufi Khel Şūfī Khēl20.Vardak Vardak-
Sufi Qal`ah Şūfī Qal‘ah21.Faryab Faryab-
Sufi Qal`ah Şūfī Qal‘ah22.Faryab Faryab-
Sufi Qal`ah Şūfī Qal‘ah23.Jowzjan Jowzjān-
Sufi Qishlaq Şūfī Qishlāq24.Samangan Samangān-
Sufi-Sakhibkokhi Sufi-Sakhibkokhi25.Nangarhar Nangarhār-
Sufia Sufia26.Kabul Kabul-
Sufian Şūfīān27.Badakhshan Badakhshan-
Sufian Şūfīān28.Badakhshan Badakhshan-
Sufian Sufian29.Herat Herat-
Sufian Şūfīān30.Kabul Kabul-
Sufian Sufian31.Kabul Kabul-
Sufian Şūfīān32.Kapisa Kāpīsā-
Sufiha Şūfīhā33.Ghowr Ghowr-
Sufiyan-e Baba Şūfiyān-e Bābā34.Parvan Parvān-
Sufiyan-e Pa'in Şūfiyān-e Pā’īn35.Parvan Parvān-
Sufla Putakay Kelay Suflá Pūtakay Kêlay36.Kandahar Kandahār-
Sufrah Sufrah37.Ghazni Ghaznī-
Sufrak Sufrak38.Sar-e Pol Sar-e Pol-
Suhai Sūhaī39.Zabul Zabul-
Suhak-e Mulla Khel Suḩāk-e Mullā Khēl40.Kabul Kabul-
Suhay Sūhay41.Zabul Zabul-
Suhel Suhēl42.Konar Konar-
Suja Ahmad Sujā Aḩmad43.Ghazni Ghaznī-
Sujan Sūjān44.Wilayat-e Baghlan Wilāyat-e Baghlān-
Sujani Sujānī45.Kunduz Kunduz-
Sujani Sujānī46.Kunduz Kunduz-
Sujani-ye `Ulya Sujānī-ye ‘Ulyā47.Kunduz Kunduz-
Suji-e Junubi Sūjī-e Junūbī48.Farah Farah-
Suji-ye Gharbi Sūjī-ye Gharbī49.Farah Farah-
Suji-ye Shamali Sūjī-ye Shamālī50.Farah Farah-

1 - 50 of 477 places
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